who we are

Father’s House operates with a plurality of leadership involving men and women who function as elders and financial overseers alongside the pastors

This “check and balance” system allows others besides the pastors to carry responsibility and authority, and facilitates a team mentality of church ministry and administration.

 Pastoral Team

Tom has been pastoring over Father’s House for over 40 years. In that time, God has brought this church through many seasons of growth. Tom oversees Preaching, the Unity Project, church staff, the Financial/Facility Council, Mercy Ministry and Men’s Ministry.

Susan Gaddis photo


Susan has served with her husband, Tom, for over 40 years at Father’s House. She is a well known teacher and author, and Spiritual Legacy Coach. Susan oversees the Ministry Training Center, Counseling, Women’s Ministry, Intercession, Dance & Flag, and the Hospitality team. You can follow Susan on her blog, Holy In the Daily.

Will Barrow is our assistant pastor. Will is joining us this year after many years of leading YWAM Pismo. Will is currently working alongside Tom as Assistant Pastor.


Mary serves as our Child & Youth Administrative Pastor. Her life-passion is to see God’s kingdom envelope the hearts and homes of our families. She enjoys children, chocolate, reading, writing, and raspberry lattes … especially the lattes. She and her husband, Peter, have been married for more than a decade and have three rambunctious kids.

Mary is also an YA author with Thomas Nelson Publishing. Keep up with her book reviews, recipes, and the news on her latest book at Mary Weber.


Currently, Father’s House operates with an eldership team called the Helmsmen. The Helmsmen team is made up of men and women appointed by the pastoral team. They meet regularly to give counsel and make decisions about the spiritual direction of the church.

Rob Garrison

Rob Garrison

Carrie Calmere

Carrie Calmere

James & Christina Silva

James & Christina Silva

Bob Velasquez

Bob Velasquez

Chris & Diane Hallquist

Chris & Diane Hallquist

David Cortina

David Cortina


Rex Johnson

Glen & Kris Pauls

Glen & Kris Pauls

Financial/Facility Council

Who We Are at Father’s House includes a group of people who oversee the financial and maintenance needs of the church. From nominees received by current council-members, new members are selected by drawing random names from those nominees.

These overseers serve a term of two years and are the equivalent of the New Testament deacons. Each member meets the qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:8-10. A more detailed look at a council member’s personal responsibility and qualifications is available to download here.

Mari Jo Lopez

Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart

Gary Gunter


Lynda Grant

Office Staff

Carolyn Watson

Ministry Leaders

The wisdom, knowledge and sacrifice of these groups of servants has proved invaluable in the building and guiding of this fellowship through the years.

Also vital to the building of this work are the gifted men and women who have and continue to contribute in so many arenas of Father’s House.

  • Worship Facilitating Team

    Tom (805) 610-1215

  • Men’s Ministry

  James Silva (805) 423-2378 & Peter Weber (805) 674-0597

  • Embrace Ezer

    Carolyn Watson (805) 712-0549 & Lori Barrow (805) 440-3257

    Embrace Ezer Blog

  • Prayer Alerts

    Susan Howard (805) 674-1246

  • Watchmen on the Walls

    Intercession network – Susan Gaddis (805) 610-1750

  • Dance & Flag Team

    Carolyn Watson (805) 712-0549

  • Counseling and Recovery Groups

    Susan Gaddis (805) 610-1750

  • All Hands Team

    Greeters, ushers, security, etc – Matt Piepenburg (805) 458-1769