Father’s House is a community of people passionate about loving God and those around us. Our mission is to glorify God by equipping believers to do the work of the ministry.

We are a growing family of followers of Jesus who are committed to deepening our relationship with God, living out our faith through community with each other, and sharing the gospel with our local and global communities.

We desire to see God’s Kingdom come, both in people’s lives and in the world around us, as it is in Heaven.

Father’s House is a part of the Foursquare Church, a movement of churches that spans the globe. We believe that Jesus Christ saves us from sin, gives us the Holy Spirit, heals us, and is our soon coming King.

Foursquare ChurchDoctrine

The faithful preaching and teaching of God’s Word has always been a deep core value here at Father’s House. Feeding the flock of God is a Kingdom mandate that is central to who we are and what we do in all of our gatherings.

We place the highest value on people knowing the great truths of the Scriptures. Therefore, the scriptural disciplines of meditation and study are greatly encouraged among our fellowship.


The Word of God must not simply be heard or read, it must also be put into practice. We endeavor, by means of example, relevant preaching and training, to encourage the church on the “how-tos” of living the Christian life.

It is our conviction that Christianity “goes home.” The Scriptures are to make a positive difference in our marriages, family life, on the job, and even as citizens. We become doers of the Word in the trenches of real life.


Every relationship is experiential, including our relationship with God. The Christian walk is well-balanced if it is comprised of doctrine, practice and experience.

However, if our Christian walk is only about learning the Bible, it is reduced to a “cerebral” Christian living. Likewise, if it is only about following a certain set of practices, the faith becomes “sweaty.”

Jesus is the God of the personal encounter. Throughout His earthly sojourn, Jesus constantly encountered people, touching each at his or her point of need.

We believe He continues to do so today. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, therefore we contend for the experience of His presence in our gatherings and the healing touch of His hand to our bodies.